The Foundation is set to help with the release of prisoners and help them become better. We do not only help with their release but there is also a place for them where they can get rehabilitated and acquire skills.We emphatically remind them that they are still members of the society. We have volunteers who we call Friends that visit the center and help with counseling released prisoners. They are vast in the area of psychology.

Moreover, their health is of utmost priority to the Foundation. They are housed, fed, and taught for the period of 6months in a well-furnished 3 bedroom bungalow apartment located in Sango Tedo, Lekki. We look forward to expanding and partnering with other people who are interested in donating to the foundation, so we can help more prisoners and provide accommodation for them.

After the period of 6months they are set up by the foundation into a business of their choice. We help 3 prisoners at a time, but with time we are looking at expanding in order to accommodate and reach out to more people. We pick prisoners who have showed great repentance.