One of the ex con Towei, is a beneficiary of the Foundation, after Mrs Angela helped with his release from the prison, she took him into her abode, and he is currently undergoing psychological therapy.

When asked what he wanted to do now, he said he would love to go into business, the selling of men wears and he has been set up by the foundation lately where he is learning the new skill.

Towei used to be an internet fraudster before he was arrested and imprisoned for 5 years.

The next person rehabilitated by the Foundation is Richard.

Richard was caught with a stolen vehicle and was imprisoned for 4years without trial, he is also undergoing therapy. He was asked what he wanted to do now, and he said he wants to be a commercial driver and currently he is in a driving school.

As we speak, these people behave like brothers. And the Foundation provided a poultry farm, which they trained to run in the house as one of the numerous activities they do.